M6A Bylaws



 The name of this Association is the Mustang Six Association, herein known as M6A, Mustang 6 Association or the “Association” 



  1. Promote the organization and encourage the admiration, ownership, care, maintenance and safe operation of the Ford six-cylinder Mustang.
  2. Serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas and information, assist in restoration and preserving of the six-cylinder Ford Mustang.
  3. Promote good fellowship and family activities within M6A and through other local clubs and Associations.
  4. Engage in legal activities such as shows, parade



  1. Membership will be free until it is deemed necessary to charge a fee to cover the expenses of running the Association.
  2. No member shall act as or become an agent of the Association for the purpose of personal gain.
  3. Membership is open to owners and admirers of the Ford six-cylinder Mustang of all years, both the inline 6 cylinder and the V-6
  4. Membership includes all family members, including unmarried children up to the age of 21.
  5. Membership is not transferable.
  6. Any Member may terminate their membership at any time buy notifying National Headquarters at mustang6association@gmail.com or unsubscribing to the Association’s newsletter.
  7. Any member may be terminated if they willingly or negligently fail to honor and uphold the by-laws of M6A.
  8. Membership in M6A will consist of receiving the monthly online newsletter The Six Banger and receiving a free M6A logo window decal.

Members are expected to send a minimum of one story and pictures of their six-cylinder Mustang for publication in The Six Banger each year. Stories can be sent to mustang6association@gmail.com  



  1. The only officer of M6A is the National Director, until a board is deemed necessary, which at that time officers will be assigned.
  2. The National Director will assign moderators to regulate and maintain M6A’s Facebook page, forum and website and any other social media outlets.



  1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed at any M6A sponsored function and no use of illegal drugs or substances will be tolerated.
  2. Use of vulgar, socially unacceptable, racist or obscene language will not be tolerated at Association functions or on any of the Associations’ social media sites.
  3. Sexually explicit, promiscuous, or rude behavior will not be tolerated at Association events or on any of the Associations’ social media sites.
  4. Violation of paragraphs A through C of this Article will lead to termination of membership in M6A and being banned from all M6A’s social media outlets.



  1. M6A will host a National Show every year at the National Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.  Date to be determined.
  2. M6A will supply the trophies or the money required to purchase trophies for the National Show. This will be done by acquiring sponsors or raising the money in some other way.
  3. All other shows which M6A will sponsor or host will be known as Regional Shows. There will only be one National Show.
  4. Regional Shows will be held in various parts of the county and will be organized by the Regional President and any others enlisted. The frequency and location of the Regional Shows will be at the discretion of the National Headquarters.



  1. The current, past and any future M6A logos/artwork are the property and copyright of the Mustang 6 Association.  No part of the logos/artwork may be modified or reproduced, stored on a computer or transmitted in any form by any means, without prior approval of the National Director of M6A. All requests must be made by contacting the National Headquarters via email at  mustang6association@gmail.com
  2. Association merchandise may be obtained at M6A events, M6A’s website or an M6A approved vendor.
  3. All M6A merchandise produced by a vendor must have prior written permission to produce or manufacture the merchandise.



  1. The National Headquarters and the National Director reserve the right to amend these bylaws at any time without the prior consent of the members of M6A.  It also reserves the right whether to publish the changes that have been made to the by-laws. If changes are made the and notification to the members is desired, the notification of the changes will be published in M6A’s newsletter The Six Banger and its website.




  1. Regions will be outlined by the National Office and Regional Presidents will be appointed by the National Office.  Regions will be a group of states, being a State Chapter is not a requirement.  Regions will help states without chapters to be involved with M6A activities.
  2. State Chapters may be organized by Members of M6A residing in that individual state. All Chapters must be approved by the National Headquarters prior to the Chapter being formed. No Chapter may be formed unless all guidelines for forming a Chapter have been met.
  3. Regions and State Chapters must follow and abide by all M6A’s National by-laws.
  4. There must be a minimum of ten (10) members of M6A in good standing in order to request the forming of a State Chapter.  No member requirement for a Region.
  5. A letter must be sent to National Headquarters requesting the formation of a State Chapter. This letter must contain the names of all the members of the future State Chapter, as well as signatures of all members stating they understand and will abide and obey all the rules and regulations of M6A and its by-laws. This letter will be sent to National Headquarters whose address can be acquired by emailing m6achapters@yahoo.com.
  6. The National Headquarters will assign the first president of a newly formed State Chapter. At the end of the first year the State Chapters will elect a president to oversee the operations and running of the Chapter.  The Chapter president will be the liaison between the State Chapter and the National Headquarters.
  7. State Chapters may have meetings and events as they deem necessary to promote M6A and the 6-cylinder Ford Mustang.  Pictures and stories of these activities then should be sent to the Editor of The Six Banger so the events can be published in the Chapter section of the newsletter. They should be sent to mustang6association@gmail.com attention editor.
  8. Any expenses of the State Chapter will be the sole responsibility of that Chapter. All fund-raising events of the State Chapter must have prior approval from the National Headquarters.  Any indebtedness incurred by a State Chapter will be the sole responsibility of the individual State Chapter. The National Association will in no way be responsible for any indebtedness incurred by the State Chapter or it’s individual members.
  9. Any State Chapter that violates M6A’s by-laws or acts in a manner contrary to the values and practices of M6A will be terminated immediately. The individual members responsible for these actions will have their membership revoked and be permanently banned from all of M6A’s social media outlets.