Our Beginnings

M6A was started in 2012 by Rick Mitchell as a way to bring together those who owned and loved 6 cylinder Ford Mustangs. In 2014 he gave the Association to Terry Reinhart, the present National Director, at that time there were about 280 members.

  Over the last three years,M6A has grown tremendously with us now having over 1800 Facebook members and a monthly newsletter called "The Six Banger" that is sent to over 1500  members in 18  countries around the world. 

M6A is for ALL six cylinder Ford Mustangs, both the inline 6 and the V-6 and covers all years of the Mustang from 1964 1/2 to the 2017, which unfortunaetly will be the last year a 6 cylinder will be in a Mustang.

In 2015 M6A went beyond the "virtual" world and with the help of National Parts Depot and the Oklahoma Mustang Club hosted our first National Show in Mustang OK We've had a National Show each year since with our last one being held in Nashville TN.   We also had our first Regional show in 2016 in Manassas VA. Each year since our National Shows have grown in both attendance and fun.

Our 2018  Show "Mustangs at the Fair" was a wonderful success. Sadly it was our last National Show for a while. But stay tuned there are plans in the works to arrange a different type of "family reunion" 

Do we have your six yet?

One of the great things about joining and being a part of the Mustang Six Association is that it's all absolutely free. The only thing we ask is that you send a story and pictures of your 6 cylinder Mustang to be published in our newsletter.

We have a window decal we'll send you for free by simply supplying us with your mailing address. For your peace of mind  your email and mailing addresses are never given or sold to anyone

M6A  is much more than just a bunch of people who own or like 6 cylinder Mustangs, we're family. Our National Shows are as much family reunions as  they are car shows. Our Facbook page is constantly monitored to be sure it's always family friendly and something your kids can view. We also do all we can to keep the "bashers" and "trolls" away.

Ready to join? just click the button below to become an offical member of M6A.  You will then receive a welcome letter from us, with links to our Facebook page, and the latest edition of our newsletter, The Six Banger

State Chapters

Part of M6A's growth was the starting of State Chapters. This gave members from each state a chance to get together for events, there are now 15 State Chapters and one International Chapter in Ontario, Canada.

LIke the National Association, membership and the State Chapter decal is free. You are required to be a member of the Natioanl Association to become a member of a State Chapter

For more information about our State Chapters or to find out if your State has one visit our State Chapter Section