We come to the end of another edition of our online magazine, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. You may have noticed that this edition was missing two of our regular sections, The V-6 Connection and the Six Customs  it was because I had no stories to publish.

What is so surprising about this is that we have many more V-6 members than we do online 6 members. I can’t give you actual numbers, but I know the V-6 people outnumber the inline 6 people quite a bit. Part of that reason is just statistics, since the introduction of the Mustang, now over 50 years ago, a lot more Mustangs were made with V-6’s than with inline 6’s. I also know that a lot of members have customized Mustangs both inline and V-6.

You know by now my “beating around the bush” theory. If you have a V-6 Mustang or a customized one, and are a member of M6A I need you to take the time to take some pictures of your car, write a story to go with it and send it to me. The one advantage that you will have is if you do it quick enough, your story could be in the very next edition of the magazine. I publish all stories for each section in order I receive them. I also have no stories for Sprint Print, a section dedicated to the 1966 Sprint edition Mustang,

While I’m on the subject of stories for the magazine, don’t forget that all kinds of stories and articles about 6 cylinder Mustangs are greatly appreciated and wanted. It can be a tech article, a story related to any Mustang experience you had, or a story about owning two Mustangs for our A Tail of Two Ponies section.

Now for a total change of subject I want to share some exciting news. While I was at the MCA show last weekend I met John Clor the head of Ford Racing. How I met him is quite interesting. I was standing by my car and someone came up, tapped me on the back, and asked if they could take a picture of the back of my t-shirt, I was wearing my M6A t-shirt.  He then introduced himself to me, John is very much interested in promoting M6A and supplying info and tips and articles for all our V-6 owners, to put it in a nutshell, M6A has caught the attention and interest of Ford Racing! John was also the guest speaker at the show banquet held on Saturday evening. He shared with everyone the mission and goal of Ford Racing, and how they want to help and promote all Mustang groups and Associations as well as ALL Mustangs V-6 and V-8. Who knows they may even have some great tips for the inline 6’s as well, and if they don’t I sure will recommend they think about it.  They have a circulation of 250,000  which means in the near future a quarter of a million people will learn about M6A!


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