Things are finally settling back down after a whirlwind of things going on last month. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a month since the National Show in Mustang OK.  Now it’s time to start getting ready for the holiday season, Thanksgiving is next month and  then Christmas!

Not to long ago I changed our online magazine from bi-monthly to every three weeks,  as M6A continues to grow,  running M6A has become a bit more involved,  therefore we are now a monthly edition. Many of you had suggested that  idea a while ago, but sometimes I take a while to catch onto things.

The 2nd Annual National Show in Mustang Ok, is now starting to be planned. The Oklahoma Mustang Club voted at their board meeting to  have us back again next year and we are planning to make our second National Show in Mustang OK, even bigger and better. We have set the tentative date as Oct. 1st  2016,  so mark your calendars now. More details will follow as they come available

This edition is our “two for the price of one” , there are two members cars featured in each section. M6A at the Shows and M6A Window Decals are overflowing with pictures of M6A cars.

The winter months are fast approaching and for some of us that  means  it’s time to start getting  ready to put our ponies in their corrals. Our “Old Geezer” has some great tips for long term storage in his column this month,  there is also a great tech article with a “map” of a first generation turn signal switch.

I have had several members who joined recently  tell me they found out about M6A by seeing a M6A logo on a windshield, and then asking the owner of the car about it.  Our Association is something that 6 cylinder Mustang owners have wanted and  been looking for, for a very long time, are you doing your part to help them find us?

We have had a flurry of stories and pictures come in from many of our new members, but we have a lot of members who have not sent in their stories yet.  Where else can you get a chance to let over 800 6 cylinder Mustang lovers in 15 countries around the world get to see your beautiful Mustang and read the story about it, as well as the editors of Mustang Times, and Mustang Monthly Magazine?

One last thing, have you taken the time to check out our new forum yet? It’s a great place to meet other M6A members, share stuff about your Mustang, or ask questions and get answers about anything 6 cylinder Mustang related.


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