M6A continues to grow  and I want to thank all those who have helped us grow by proudly displaying the M6A logo on their windshield and telling others about us . Thanks to your efforts we’ve added over 600 people to M6A this year, and went far beyond our “500 in 15” goal we’d set. I have no doubt we can achieve “1600 in 16”

Thanks to the generosity of Dom Heller who donates the decals, and NPD’s sponsorship which pays for the postage, our M6A window decal is available at no cost, To get yours  just email me and let me have your mailing address and I’ll get one out to you. We  have an online store where you can purchase all sorts of things to show your M6A pride at the  Cafepress Store.  Also for sale are our 3” embroidered emblems that can be sewn on about anything,  they are available by contacting me at

April 17th 2016 is going to be National Mustang Day, and all owners of Mustangs are being encouraged to drive their cars that day. I have entered M6A into the registry of clubs that will be celebrating the day. I am working on plans to have M6A members in each town get together for a group photo that we could share with the rest of the Mustang community. It will take a bit of planning and coordinating, but I think it can be done, I’m still working on the preliminary details and will be looking for “Regional Coordinators” to help plan the and arrange the gathering of our members in different parts of the country and even world. If your interested in helping  in the area you live email me at

November is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a wonderful time of  getting together with friends and family , eating way too much food, watching football, then eating too much food a second time. It is also a day that we take a moment to think about the things in this life that we are so very thankful for. With those thoughts in mind I want to wish everyone a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

I also want to mention several people who I am thankful for the help they give me in running M6A . Terry Woods, my web guru, because of his many hours of hard work, we have our website.  Wade Sovonick, is our Facebook Administrator, He put together our Facebook page and is the reason it’s so well run and focused exclusively on all things 6 cylinder Mustang related. Adam Sparks is our Forum Administrator. He and Terry Woods spent many hours developing and bringing the forum online. Once it was up and running, Adam assumed the duties as administrator. I can’t of course forget Rick Mitchell, the founder of M6A, who came up with the idea of an Association dedicated exclusively to 6 cylinder Mustangs

Last but certainly not least are the two major Mustang magazines who have featured our stories and helped spread the word about M6A to the Mustang community.  Bryan Pate, and Donald Farr, of Mustang Times and Rob Kinnin and Mark Houlahan of Mustang Monthly Magazine and the Mustang360 website


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