A big welcome to all our new members who are reading their first new issue of THE SIX BANGER, the official digital magazine of the Mustang Six Association or M6A. Many of you found out about us as a result of an email  I sent to Rob Kinnan, editor of Mustang Monthly, and was published in the April 2015 edition of the magazine. I actually had no idea that  it was being published, and was wondering the reason for the sudden surge in membership via our website. I wasn’t complaining by any means, just curious. I found out from our Facebook page the reason, as I had not received my copy of the magazine yet.

I feel the need though,  to fill in a little background information regarding the letter that was published.  Those of you who subscribe to Mustang Monthly know that their editors had been going through a  revolving door a while back, with a new editor each month. In January 2015,  Rob took over as the new permanent editor. In his first editorial, he made a statement in which many six cylinder Mustang owners, including myself , interpreted to be demeaning of first generation six cylinder Mustangs. I sent him an email voicing my concerns after the January edition came out.  He responded with his reply, shortly thereafter.  We have communicated with each other since, and I know he is a supporter of M6A. The logo that was included in the section with the letter, was put in there by him, which was a wonderful way for the Mustang world to know about us.

In the last edition of our digital magazine, I asked you to send me your comments, ideas, viewpoints, on ways we could make THE SIX BANGER better and more relative to our members. I received several very good ideas, as well as being made aware an some things that could be improved on. I want to thank each and everyone who took the time to send me their input, and to assure them their comments were noted and in some cases already addressed.

I am excited to announce some new sections that are being added in this edition, and some that will be coming in future editions, some of these additions are a direct result of the ideas I received from you! A new section in this edition is         ADVICE FROM AN OLD SCHOOL, OLD GEEZER  it is being written by Charles Johns, who has already submitted several articles. Charles will be writing articles about repair, upgrading and modifying the inline six Mustangs, I know you will enjoy his contributions.  We also have a special section all about the advertising and media presentations Ford did for Sprint edition Mustangs. It is being written by Tony Kovar , a well known authority of the Sprints, and first generation Mustangs. V-6 owners, you are not being forgotten, we have a section TO MOD OR NOT TO MOD? THAT IS THE QUESTION!  that will cover upgrades and mods for your cars, written by Rick Mitchell, the founder of M6A.  Of course we’ll always have what I consider the best sections in each edition, the wonderful stories and pictures of that our members send in of their beautiful six cylinder Mustangs!

Finally for all our new members and a reminder for everyone, we have a free M6A window decal  available for your six cylinder Mustang. To get one email me at: with your mailing address, and put window decal in the subject line. We also have 3 inch embroidered  M6A emblems for sale. Here’s the link to get those:


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