Thanksgiving dinner leftovers are still in the fridge and we’re already starting to get ready for Christmas. It’s hard to believe that another year is about to be over. It’s been quite a good year for M6A, we had our First National Show, our membership had almost quadrupled from 280 to almost 900,  we have members in countries all around the world and we’ve been mentioned in several major Mustang publications,  I guess we’re becoming the little six cylinder Mustang that could!

Next year is already looking to be bigger and better, we already have several events in the works as well as a brand new one. Many of you already know that M6A is scheduled to be a part of National Mustang Day on April 17th  2016. That is the day all Mustang  owners are being encouraged to get out and drive their Mustangs. I am hoping to be able to get M6A members to get together with others in their area and take group pictures so we can  publish in a National Mustang Day special edition of our newsletter.

Plans are well underway for our 2nd Annual National Show to be held in Mustang OK, it has a tentative show date of Oct. 1st  2016.  The show was a  huge success last year and we are hoping to double the amount of 6 cylinder Mustangs that attended the show.

The new event that I am excited to announce is that we will be having a show on the East Coast next year to give all our members and other 6 cylinder owners who weren’t able to make our Oklahoma National Show a chance to attend an M6A National Show.  I am very pleased and honored announce that in conjunction and cooperation with the National Capital Region Mustang Club and Cowles Parkway Ford our East Coast Roundup M6A National Car Show will be held at Cowles Parkway Ford in Woodbridge VA with a tentative show date of May 7th 2016.  There will be many more details coming.

I know that many of you have or are getting ready to put your pony in it’s coral for the winter.  This time apart for your beloved Mustang would be a great opportunity to write about any and all adventures you have had with your pony this year. We have a section of the newsletter that hasn’t been used in a while due to lack of stories called “It Happened with a Six”.  This section is for adventures with your 6 cylinder Mustang, pictures are totally optional, so why not help  cheer up your fellow M6A members who are also missing their Mustangs.

On the subject of stories, I just want to remind all those who are patiently waiting to see their stories published in The Six Banger, that all stories, articles and pictures are published in the  order  I receive them.  This edition has stories that were received in  August,  be assured if you sent in a story it will be published,  I email everyone who’s story I plan to use so they know to look for it in the upcoming edition.

Most important of all I want to wish each and everyone of our members a wonderful and very Merry Christmas. I hope that Santa will bring everyone all those parts for their Mustangs that they wanted, and that being extra good this year, to be sure that they stayed on Santa’s “Nice List”,  paid off!  Let’s make sure to also remember our active duty military, who because of their service to our country, won’t be able to be at home with their loved ones this Holiday season.


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