PRETTY PONY Story and photos by Ted & Lori S.

Our names are William (Ted) and Lori S.  We are very glad to be a member of your growing group of 6’ers!  We actually have 4 Classic Mustangs, the “Pretty Pony” (inspired by the PP on our 1965 license plate) being the 4th member of our growing little collection.  The other members are an Acapulco Blue 1967 Convertible, an Acapulco Blue 1969 Mach 1, and a Medium Desert Red 1984 GT 5.0 Fox Body.

We acquired the Pretty Pony (her name was inspired by the PP on our 1965 license plate) shortly after moving into our new home.  Our neighbor across the street passed away the week we closed on our house, so we never got to meet him.  We later found out that he had the Pretty Pony (as well as a Model A) in his estate.  They were left to his sons, but they weren’t enthusiasts, so they sold them.  His wife stopped by to introduce herself to us and had seen our other Mustangs, so she told us about the ’65.  We fell in love with her instantly and brought her to her new home… just across the street.

She is certainly in good enough shape to turn heads as she sits, but we can’t wait to display her in her utmost glory!  A partial restoration has been done, but there is more we would like to do (isn’t there always?!)  She is beautiful, rust-free and has new seat covers and top, and we will be replacing the original carpet (for anyone who has a classic convertible with its original carpet, you know how the black fades to a sort of brown color), replacing the sill plates, adding a console, sprucing up under the hood and having her repainted somewhere down the road.  (Someone has also replaced her manifold with a Hooker Header, so she sounds more like the other “girls” in our barn!  LOL!!!  I’m still deciding if I’ll keep the header – as I do love that Mustang sound! – or if I’ll have Ted take it back to the manifold…????  I have a while to decide.)  With 3 other classics it is always a matter of want vs. need and our Mach1 is currently being restored.  We’ll give her her “turn”, but in the meantime, she is a sweet little cruiser and we will enjoy her as she is!

Since I have a brain condition that causes me to have neuropathy, it is harder for me to drive a stick.  The Pretty Pony was the PERFECT car for me to take for cruises and to car shows!  We love going to shows and meeting new enthusiasts… from all across the car world, but especially other Mustang lovers!  And, as it was, our other neighbors across the street has two old Fords and we realized we had met him and his wife (along with other friends) the year prior at a show!  We had an instant connection and have formed a close friendship and bond.  We ended up joining their little group and go to car shows most weekends with them.

Last summer, John (our neighbor and friend) told us that Gale Halderman (the designer of the original Mustang) lived just 20 minutes from us!  We have since had the good fortune of taking a private tour of Gale’s Museum and spending time with him (and later his daughters and grand-daughter as well at a cruise-in they hosted!)


During our visit – Gale is a wonderful and humble man and a very generous host! – after touring and having us join him in his lounge and regaling us with the history of how the Mustang came to be, he signed the glove box of our Pretty Pony and took some pictures with us.  I have included some of those along with the other pix!  (If you are ever in Central Ohio during the spring, summer or fall, I highly recommend a stop at the Gale Halderman Museum, just East of Dayton… and a chat with Gale!  You can find the museum on Facebook and can private message them with regard to a tour.  He does private tours as well as groups!  Since he does share time between Ohio, Michigan and Arizona though, you will need to coordinate your visit with his schedule.)

That is the story of our Pretty Pony!  Feel free to use it and some or all of the pics I have included below.  If you need clarification on anything, please let me know.  Though I hope our story made sense!  (Did I say I have a brain condition?  LOL!)

I saw that you have window stickers.  I would love to add one to the front window.  We are also members of Mustang Club of America and the Red Mustang Registry.  We would proudly display the M6A decal along with the other two!  Thank you for adding us as M6ers!  It will be fun getting to know everyone!  (the window stickers are free, email   to get yours, EDITOR)


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