Toward the end of last year we set a goal for M6A to have 500 members by the end of 2015. As a result of our members telling other 6 cylinder Mustang owners about us, and the help of our members stories and pictures of their 6 cylinder Mustangs being published in several Mustang magazines, just barely four months into the year, we have reached and gone beyond our goal of 500!

This year is already ready seeing so much happening for the Mustang Six Association, we’re having our first National Show,and  the story of M6A has been featured on Mustang Monthly’s website Mustang360 and not only that, but we are becoming a worldwide Association as well. We now have M6A members hailing from 14 different countries around the world.

It’s becoming more apparent each day, that there has long been a niche in the world of the Ford Mustang,  and the Mustang community that had been void for a very long time, that niche being the 6 cylinder Mustang.  M6A is  filling that void steadily one 6 cylinder Mustang at a time. It is giving 6 cylinder Mustang owners of all years a place to show off, talk, and get to know about all the others who own or just love the 6 cylinder Mustang, through our website, Facebook page and our digital online magazine, THE SIX BANGER.

I invite you to come join us, go to the membership area of this website, and sign up, be a part of the over 500 members who are saying with great pride:

It’s not “just a six” it’s a part of the legacy and history of the Ford Mustang

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