LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Photos and Story by Robert P.

My name is Robert P. and I live in Fairfield Ohio just about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. The wife and I had a 2009 Chevy Aveo as our back up car and decided we wanted something a little more fun to drive around in on the weekends. So we found a great deal on our 2012 convertible. We test drove it and immediately started the process of buying it, we just had to have it. Now it’s no longer just a weekend car as the wife drives it to work  every day it is warm and sunny out.

We had owned a 98  Mustang convertible but had to trade it in when I needed a truck for a work vehicle and  I regretted doing it , but at the time we had no choice. When comparing the two Mustangs it was like night and day, with the performance in the 2012 being the biggest difference between the two..

The Mod bug finally hit and I did some mods to get rid of some of the power lag at low rpm’s and to make it sound better. So  we got a JLT CAI and a Bama tune for it and that really opened it up and made it way more responsive to the throttle. We added some Trident Motorsports axlebacks for a deep throaty American Musclecar sound. I also added the Raxiom fog light kit for DRL and auto headlamps.

Plans for the future include aluminum one piece driveshaft, 3.73 gears, wheels and tires, and some grabber blue stripes. I’m sure it will constantly be a work in progress.

Thanks for having me in your group. I’ve already enjoyed seeing all the others cars on FB and on the forum


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