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I’m  happy to be a part of the Association and here’s my Mustang story.

The first time I saw a Mustang was when my  dad was buying a new  Galaxie 500 Sportsroof in 1964.  I wanted him to buy the Mustang I saw but he patiently explained that a Mustang would just be too small for our growing family, but I was hooked on Mustangs.

Just a mere 50 years later and the new 2015 Mustangs were being introduced, and I noticed that the new design was abandoning what I thought were some of the original design characteristics. I knew it was the time to get that Mustang I always wanted. The first 2014 I test drove was a V-8 GT, it was a blast to drive, but I didn’t really need 420 horsepower. I felt that the “Pony Package” best captured the look and feel of the original Mustangs, so I ordered a 2014 Deep Impact Blue with the Pony Package. I also added a stone interior and a high performance rear gear, so I could get a little bit of the GT feel!

I found a set of new-take-off 5-spoke GT wheels on eBay and the dealer mounted them along with the Pony tri-bar center caps from the Pony wheels, and the dealer bought the Pony wheels from me. Next I added the 1968 front quarter panel Mustang script under the Pony badges and I used the My Color option to create the 1960s green glow on my gauges. I finally had MY Mustang!

The car has been flawless since the day I drove it home and it still gets compliments even though it isn’t the current version of the Mustang.  I’ve  attached a few photos of the car  you’ll notice I like aircraft almost as much as my Mustang. 🙂

Kevin Kelly

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