M6A’s State Chapters


This is a new section on our website that will share all the happenings and news related to the Chapters of M6A.  As M6A has grown there has been a lot of interest being shown for members being able to get together in the areas that they live and  go to different events together and represent M6A and further reach out into the Mustang community. With that in mind we are now going to  have State Chapters of M6A.

Since Oklahoma was the place that M6A  became more than just an online Association, it was more than fitting that should be the place where the first chartered club would be established.  Thanks to a lot of hard work by some of our members in Oklahoma,  the Oklahoma Chapter has been formed . The general idea is for the Chapters to get together for cars and coffee, be represented as a group at shows  and other events in their area and continue to spread the word about M6A.

There are several guidelines that will be required to be followed before a Chapter will be allowed to form and be recognized by the National Headquarters of M6A.  Listed below are some of  the requirements  for a Chapter as stated in the M6A by-laws

  1. There must be a minimum of 10 active members of M6A in order for a chapter to be formed in a area
  2. A letter or email must be sent to the National Headquarters  listing the names of the 10 members of M6A that are requesting to form a Chapter.
  3. All those desiring to be a part of a Chapter must agree to abide by the bylaws and state they  have read and understand  all the rules and regulations of the by-law


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